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    With every baby, a new mom is born..




  • Why Fourth Trimester Box?

    The Fourth Trimester Box was created at Healthy Mommy, Happy Baby with moms in mind.


    Around the world, the fourth trimester, or the first three months after having a baby, is considered to be extremely special and important for both mom and baby as they adjust to one another and the outside world. In some cultures, both mom and baby are given time apart from life's daily activities to rest and recover from the delivery.

    My Fourth Trimesters!!!

    Healthy Mommy, Happy Baby & The Fourth Trimester Box

    Healthy Mommy, Happy Baby was started as a resource for mothers of color whose motherhood experiences are not always reflected around them.

    The Fourth Trimester Box is a natural extension of the love and respect we have for the journey that is motherhood with all the joys and tears it brings.

    We believe that every time a baby is born, a new mom is born.

    Whether it's the first, the last or the in-between, every mother deserves some extra love and recovery time.


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